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Windjammer's Kids Program

The Junior Jammers Club and Teen Program run from June through August on the Polynesia and Legacy. Children under 6 years old are not permitted on any Windjammer cruise.

Junior Jammers Club (ages 6-12)
Kids love Windjammer, and Windjammer loves kids! Under the watchful eyes of trained and friendly counselors, Junior Jammers explore the Caribbean. They also help the captain sail; venture ashore to build sandcastles; go beachromping and snorkeling; take mini field trips to get ice cream; play wacky Olympics on the top deck and much more. Junior Jammers love pizza parties and our kid-friendly meals. But, Moms and Dads are the real winners. Each voyage is limited to 20 children, so your kids are guaranteed lots of personal care and attention.

Teen Program (ages 13-17)
Life on a tall ship is ideal for young adults. Young, curious minds are exposed to local Caribbean culture, the tropics, and tall ship sailing--what an awesome experience! Teens are encouraged to participate in group activities both ashore and onboard. Activities include steel-drum sessions, hiking the rainforest, shopping at local markets and socializing at European-style cafes. Moreover, there is ample time for relaxing and lounging on the beach. Water sports like para-sailing, jet-skiing, windsurfing are popular for those who crave extra adventure. Hiking, kayaking, and snorkeling are also available. A favorite among teens is sleeping-under-the-stars on the top deck, while the ship is at sail.

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