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Wind Spirit Wireless Internet

Package Type Price
The Email Plan: 200 MB of data; recommended for guests
checking email but doing very limited browsing
The Surfing Plan: 500 MB of data; recommended for additional
browsing and small file transfers (i.e. uploading pictures)
Unlimited Internet Package - One ticket will be
issued onboard that is valid for one device
7 Day - $250.00
8 Day - $280.00
9 Day - $315.00
10 Day - $350.00
11 Day - $385.00
14 Day - $490.00
15 Day - $525.00

Please note: The system does not support Skype, VOIP, Remote Access and other high bandwidth programs. Connection speed onboard is not as fast as what you have at home. Intermittent connectivity may be experienced from time to time depending on the ship's location or weather conditions.